When three important life events happened all at once - job loss, pregnancy, the pandemic, I decided to turn these lemons into a mojito!

Balmista was founded during the lockdown. I wanted to use this experience as an opportunity to connect people with nature and with themselves through daily, self-care rituals with high-performing, luxury, skincare products.

I grew up in a Dagestani household where there was always an emphasis on beauty and caring for your skin - especially when my mum was a beauty therapist! Imagine all the skincare products that I've been always surrounded by.

I started creating Balmista when I was pregnant, after I got made redundant in the middle of a pandemic. My skin was a mess, and so was my mental health. It was so scary to found a company with a baby on the way, but therapeutic in the same time as it reminded me of home and my mom, who I don't get to see very often as she lives in another country.

After my skin radically improved with my own handmade, all natural cosmetics; I just knew I have to share the goodness with the rest of the World.

I'm so happy that you decided to join me on this path to a cleaner skincare.

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