1. Waterless.

Crave products that are clean, sustainable, highly potent and work? My water and preservative free skincare is all that and more. Effective, undiluted formulas where all the ingredients are beneficial to your skin.

2. Active.

My formulas are elevated with a generous amount of active ingredients for visible skin results.

3. Natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

All the Balmista products are made of natural, vegan & cruelty-free ingredients.

4. Sustainable.

Apart from creating sustainable formulas from scratch, I also pack the products in recyclable packaging. As a responsible business, I plant 5 trees with every order and am a carbon neutral workforce.

5. Small batch.

No, I am no big business and I am proud of it! All the products are handmade with individual care and love, in tiny batches. As a result, you’re getting fresh, high-performing skincare with soul.

6. Uncomplicated formulas.

You'll never find 20+ ingredients on the back of the label, some of them added just for the sake of it. Every single ingredient is researched for its beneficial properties, and added in just the right amount. The formulas are also preservative-free without any added fragrance, perfect for sensitive skins.