Why Is Sustainability The Core Value Of Balmista?

Why Is Sustainability The Core Value Of Balmista?

I grew up in a family where I would be shamed if I didn’t return a clean plate back to the sink after dinner. My mum would always tell me that throwing away food is ‘haram’ - which means ‘forbidden’ in Arabic. My parents went so far that I would get in trouble even if I left the light on in a room that I am not in. As a child, I would always be annoyed at all these rules that I didn’t quite understand much. As an adult, I am so grateful that I can take something so natural to me and implement it into my own business.

Witnessing a huge sustainability movement that is happening right now around the world makes me feel absolutely incredible, as I am fed up with the throw-away and over-consumption society and would love to incorporate my zero-waste upbringing into every part of Balmista brand. So what conscious decisions do I make when it comes to my products?

Waterless Formulas
Not only will water-free products save you money in the long run thanks to their high potency, but they’re also considered more sustainable than water-based cosmetics. The logic is simple - water, which makes up to 90% of a product formula, is added as a filler. It has to be extracted, purified, blended, packed and then shipped to your home, creating unnecessary carbon footprint.

Not to even mention that water is considered a luxury ingredient as, according to WWF, by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population will face water shortages! Waterless skincare also doesn’t require preservatives and is therefore great for sensitive skin. Read more about waterless beauty in my blog here.

Natural, Vegan & Cruelty-Free
I ensure that none of my products are of animal origin and are strictly cruelty-free. Deforestation, pollution, and dead zones are some of the leading causes associated with animal agriculture industry - therefore, opting for plant-based ingredients as an alternative helps to cut down on all these bad news. Besides, the almighty natural and vegan products are super nourishing and a great source of antioxidants which gives you the desired, healthy skin glow.

Trees Planting
If you're looking for simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint, planting trees is a great start. According to the The World Counts, 28 million hectares of forest are cut down or burned each year. For perspective, that's one football field of forest lost every second! Hence why I decided to plant FIVE trees with every single purchase. That’s additionally to planting trees to offset the business workforce, which is 144 trees per year. You can view my forest here.

Climate Projects
I am also funding other amazing carbon reduction projects from around the world, such as producing renewable wind energy in Bulgaria, using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile or reforestation of an illegally logged land in Nicaragua.

Sustainable Packaging and Processes
I choose glass packaging, which is fully recyclable or re-usable and the lids are also made of recyclable material. The box filler is created from biodegradable corn starch and the box itself consists of recycled material, which you should also recycle. Additionally, I've done everything to minimise the amount of waste and pollution in the production process - recycling and re-using as much as possible!

Small Batch Produce
The phrase 'small batch' is a reference to the way our production works. Instead of mass manufacturing, it's about creating a much lower volume of artisanal products, which in turn helps reducing waste, avoiding overproduction and minimising emission.

My mission is to bring the art of small batch beauty to the next level by creating, packing and labelling all by hand; and therefore having zero emission in the process. This allows me to put care and attention in every single product that you receive.

Our beauty shopping habits have changed drastically in the past few years. Conscious beauty is the new standard and I can’t be more proud that sustainability is the core value of my business. Knowing that my customers are getting high-performing, natural products and I am making a difference in their lives and to the world is the biggest motivation for me.

I am also open-minded and constantly searching for ways to improve, so please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any suggestions or questions regarding this topic.

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