Balmista is Carbon Neutral Workforce

Balmista is Carbon Neutral Workforce

I’m so excited to announce a partnership with Ecologi and call Balmista a carbon neutral workforce! This is another step towards a more sustainable beauty brand. But what does it actually mean?

Climate Positive Workforce
In order to call my brand a carbon neutral workforce, I offset my entire my carbon footprint - professional and personal related. That includes emissions from my home, travel (business and personal), holidays, hobbies, food and more. That way Balmista and its staff (for now it’s just me) become climate positive.

Tree Planting
If you're looking for simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint, planting trees is a great start. According to the The World Counts, 28 million hectares of forest are cut down or burned each year. For perspective, that's one football field of forest lost every second.

Hence why I decided to plant FIVE trees with every purchase! That’s additionally to planting trees to offset the business workforce, which is 144 trees per year. Sounds like Balmista is soon going to have a nice little forest, and it feels fantastic to be a responsible, sustainable business.

Climate Projects
I am also funding other amazing carbon reduction projects from around the world, such as producing renewable wind energy in Bulgaria, using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile or reforestation of an illegally logged land in Nicaragua. I will be updating you about these in my future blogs/posts.

Sustainability Goals
Next steps for Balmista would be to measure the carbon of our entire supply chain in order to effectively find methods for offsetting more footprint and have a bigger impact.

I am extremely proud to participate in all of the projects, additionally to being a waterless, ingredient-sustainable and non-toxic brand - it really feels empowering to challenge and raise the industry standards.

It wouldn’t be possible without the support of my amazing customers, so thank you.

Join Balmista in creating a cleaner, responsible skincare.
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